Blue Bag Coupon Request


We have customers come in all of the time wanting to get their blue recycle

bags and do not have a coupon because they aren't delivered to their house. 


Please fill this out the Blue Bag Coupon Request at the link below to get

coupons sent to your home! 


If you receive coupons in the mail don't forget that you can get your 

blue bags in the Mall Management Office, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. 


1. Coupons For Free Bags

Watch for this COUPON CARD in the mail every four months. Each coupon is worth a roll of 10- 30 gallon recycling bags. To sign up to receive the coupons in the mail, please call 765-747-4894 or email




2. Look For This Display

Look for this display when you shop at the Muncie Mall and other retail stores and pick up your FREE Recycling Bags.



3. Recycle - Place All Bags In Your "Toter" For Pickup!

Use Blue Recycling Bags for recyclable materials only - Aluminum and Steel Cans, Glass Containers, Plastic Jugs and Bottles, Newspapers, Magazines, Books, etc. Use solid colored bags for garbage and other waste. Place all bags in your "toter" and take to curbside on your normal collection day. 

Here are some of the places you can redeem your coupons:

  • All four CVS Pharmacy Locations in Muncie
  • Cover-Tek
  • Muncie Public Libraries
  • Cardinal Greenway Depot
  • Muncie Mall Management Office
  • Sewage Utility Office
  • Downtown Development Office
  • Downtown Farm Stand
  • MD’s Golf Academy
  • Be Here Now
  • The Fickle Peach
  • Kirk’s Bike Shop
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Habitat Home ReStore
  • Minnetrista Orchard Shop
  • Pay Less on McGalliard